New Years. New You!

Updated: Feb 3

So it's a new year and all your resolutions are written down. It's time to get back into the gym and shed some of that holiday weight gain. Eating Healthy is also a new focus this year. Maybe even spending more time with family and friends since the pandemic. Whatever it is, your resolutions are a powerful wave of hope for the future. Your annual resolutions may feel different than before, and it's important to take stock of what's important in your life. With that being said, is 'Wellness' on your list this year? We were experiencing plenty of mental health issues well before the pandemic such as stress and anxiety, poor self-esteem, eating issues, and family strife. All of these challenges have majorly increased over the past 18 months.

We at Spa Lavender encourage you to take honest control of your own emotional well-being today. Massage and/or relaxation services on a regular basis can enhance your mental wellness. The following are six reasons massage can improve your mental health:

Improve relaxation

Alleviate symptoms of chronic illnesses and diseases

Increase overall happiness

Relieve depression and anxiety

Help with Symptoms of PTSD

Even helps to improve relationships

Make massage your new year's resolution today! It's the natural whole-body solution for Mental Health.

Spa Lavender

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