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Arthritis & The Benefits of Lavender

Arthritis is a commonly known issue for many people around the world. It can be accompanied with uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, tension, swelling, inflammation, and more. Spa Lavender is here to inform and help clients so they can finally live a more comfortable, and pain free lifestyle!

So How Can Lavender Benefit Those Struggling With Arthritis?


Lavender Can Help Relieve Pain, Tension & Inflammation

Lavender oil has been shown to provide substantial relief from pain in the patients struggling with arthritis. Many studies have shown that the use of Lavender aromatherapy in mitigating pain can be highly effective by reducing tension, muscle spasms, inflammation, and swelling symptoms.

Helps Improve Mental Health & Insomnia

It has been shown that patients with arthritis suffer from depressive symptoms, anxiety, and insomnia, which in return, interferes with their daily lives.

Alleviation of depressive symptoms, anxiety, etc. becomes important in order to ensure the overall well being of the patients. Lavender oil has a positive effect on the mood and mental state of the users, which will help relieve depression, anxiety and insomnia symptoms. It also improves attention and memory, which is an added benefit for elderly patients suffering from age-related dementia.

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