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Massage and Lavender Benefits

How Lavender and Massage Work Together to Increase Relaxation

Since the beginning of time people have been taking advantage of the benefits of Lavender and Massages. So how do these two work together to facilitate relaxation?

Combining Lavender and Massage can help relax muscles and alleviate stress. Muscles tend to tighten due to a range of factors such as stress, poor posture, injury, or prolonged standing/sitting. This can lead to restricted movement, soreness, stiffness, and pain. By massaging with Lavender-infused oils, we can give the muscles the extra boost needed to warm up and loosen the tightened area.

Spas and wellness centers around the world use this method for its soothing scent and aromatherapy properties. The scent will stimulate the olfactory nerve, which then signals serotonin to be released. This hormone in turn helps to create a sense of contentment, wellbeing, and calmness.

Regular massage patients who combine lavender with massage have reported a positive effect on mood, decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety, better sleep, more energy, and a decrease in overall stress levels. By utilizing the combination of lavender and massage, you will benefit from a sense of relaxation that goes beyond just physical. With muscles relaxed and serotonin released into the system, you will feel a sense of calm and contentment from head to toe.

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