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Private VS Franchise Massages

Why more people are visiting privately owned massage practices Vs, franchises?

In 2021 34% of consumers got their massage at a therapist’s office while 24% visited a massage franchise or chain.

Why is it that more people are choosing private massage practices over franchise and chain practices?

Because 9 times out the 10 the therapist is local, and the overall experience is more enjoyable and worth the money spent.

A private massage company has its business on the line compared to some huge resorts. A private practice has smaller funds and cannot afford to have unhappy clients. Therefore, they provide the best quality massage service and satisfaction. The entire experience from customer service to treatment to pricing is more customized to your needs and wants and brought to you by someone with a lot more experience at a private location.

Without a doubt the level of care is much more customized to each individual’s needs within private practices. The goal of the private practice is treatment and helping you feel better. Treatment tends to be with the same therapist vs a different therapist each visit. Upselling is not so aggressive as the overhead tends to be reasonable.

Staff seem to be more appreciated and better compensated at a private massage practice.

This has a huge effect on the environment that the clients can feel. The environment is vital and plays a major role to the outcome of the customer experience.

Cancelling policies at a private massage practice tends to be more lenient. Being sick, family conflict, or locking keys in the car are more understood and easily waived.

Pricing of services are usually more reasonable at a private massage practice. There are usually less amenities, and if a client is looking for therapy; spa tubs, showers, and robes is unnecessary.

As you can see there are some very good reasons people are opting for private massages over franchise. Next time you get a massage ask yourself, do you want the fast-food version or the homemade with love version?


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