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Why Men Are Getting More Massages

Recently there’s been a new trend in the massage industry and that is more men getting massages.

Since Covid started there have been many interesting and sometimes unexpected shifts in our society. Perhaps one of the more subtle has been the increase in men who are receiving massage therapy. In fact, not only are more men getting massages now, 25% of them, but more men are getting massages than women are! With coming in at only 21%.

But why? What are these benefits that these men are seeing and why is the trend sticking?

Numerous factors and benefits play into this trend and with good reason and good results. From increased physical benefits to improved mood and greater stress release. Let’s look at what is attracting more and more men to massage therapy that ever before.

Perhaps the biggest reason is that the physical benefits are numerous and very impactful. From workout recovery to improved overall physical health, well-being and flexibility massage therapy greatly aids with all of these. If you already play sports or spend a lot of time at the gym, then you are probably aware that massage is a necessity. But if you’re not a professional or even amateur sports player then you may be unaware of the benefits.

Massage therapy can tremendously help ease muscle soreness and help to speed muscle healing by increasing the circulatory system and the immune system.

There are also numerous other wonderful health benefits such as reduced stress levels, reduced risk of high blood pressure, injury prevention, healing of injured & overused muscles just to name a few more of the benefits. Massage therapy has even been shown to help reduce high blood pressure by improving blood circulation and reducing one the main risk factors, stress.

Massage also helps one to get better sleep, improves mood and in turn boosts work functionality. Whether juggling a high-stress job and a big family or a physically hard job and being a single dad, the research and results have shown that massage reduces anxiety, depression and stress. With around 20% of all men struggling with sleep issues and insomnia, the extra boost of serotonin which is released with the help of the massage can not only help one to fall asleep better and sleep more deeply but to feel better too!

Plus, it gives one a really good chance to relax, no phones, no kids, just self-care time and healing and feeling good. And maybe even help you have fewer gray hairs in your future.

From increased physical benefits to improved mood and greater stress release, men are seeing the results and they keep going back for more. Ready to see the results of massage therapy in your life? Give us a call or contact Spa Lavender. anytime during business hours at (440) 394-8633. Or Click the button below to book now!


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